Striking a Chord with Concerto Group

The use of VR for communicating a sense of space and location is perhaps one of the
easiest translations of the technology as the advantages are clear, and the production
process and delivery can be achieved both quickly and economically.

RealityLab’s continuous support and flexibility throughout... has been incredibly helpful.
— Concerto Group

The Concerto Group organise and run events at a large number of iconic spaces across
the UK, but some only operate for a short period of the year.

Their business challenge was that this time window meant that they were limited in ways to communicate these venues to potential clients for the rest of the year, with photos and videos only going some way to selling the unique atmosphere, geography and scale at the locations.

RealityLab: London worked with the Concerto Group to create a series of 360 films that eloquently
communicated each venue, enabling corporate clients to picture their Christmas event in
March, or for a couple to book their ideal summer venue in the midst of winter.

According to Carly Mitchell, the Managing Director at Concerto Group's Ultimate Experience:

Ultimate Experience worked with Reality Lab on three different VR venue tours. Their expertise and skills have provided an invaluable sales tool for us. Reality Lab’s continuous support and flexibility throughout, and even after these projects were completed, has been incredibly helpful. As a team they have always gone above and beyond, and no question or queries have ever been too much for them. We can’t recommend them enough and look forward to working with them in the future.

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