Modern transport systems need innovative technologies to keep up with the pace of everyday life. At RealityLab: London we have a deep understanding of this need. Our Head of Design, Freddy Gangemi, has over two decades of experience providing award-winning transport design solutions to clients around the world.

We see the potential of VR, AR and 360 film technology to solve many different problems within transport:

  • Augmented Reality wayfinding can enable passengers to find their transit methods quickly and easily, help balance the flow of traffic through transport hubs, or place virtual information or sales materials in a space.
  • Virtual Reality can help designers envision the appearance of new hubs, test how people move through transport systems, or present a vision of a new place.
  • 360 film can show a transport hub in action, providing valuable data on how people interact with the built environment. 

When combined with smart systems for managing transport and passenger information, VR and AR also become useful methods to maximise the value of data and user testing in transport.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you integrate VR, AR and 360 film with your transport solutions.

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