Augmented Reality involves the superimposition of graphical elements over a real space, and these are usually viewed and interacted with via mobile phones, tablets or consoles.  

Recent well-known AR games such as Pokemon Go have also featured the use of location-based content that encourages interaction around specific geographical points.   

Our technical team have a heritage delivering many different types of augmented reality to a range of formats, and as a result we have gained an excellent understanding of how to deliver content that places the user at the centre of the experience. We develop content for both Android (ARCore) and iOS (ARKit) devices, allowing your business to reach mobile users globally.

We think that augmented reality offers many unique opportunities for interactions that are particularly relevant to public and retail spaces, and with the advent of more advanced AR technologies such as Microsoft Hololens, and the extremely exciting Magic Leap, this space is one that brands and those in the advertising and marketing sectors can use to their advantage.

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