We had the very great pleasure to demonstrate interactive and passive VR solutions at the recent Africa Health Summit 2017 summit @ Olympia.

It was amazing to meet so many people who are passionately engaged in working to solve some of the most pressing health concerns in Africa: and we were struck how they responded to the potential of both passive and interactive VR as a potential tool to help them solve various communication problems.

From charities wishing to communicate their work, to NGOs looking to influence decision-makers, to medical companies planning to train nurses to use specialist equipment in remote locations and even dentists looking to use VR to help overcome children's fears: the ideas came thick and fast.

While not all of these ambitions will come to fruition, we were once again struck by how VR seems to both clarify and inspire it's potential amongst the most diverse of audiences when experienced 'hands on', and that's why we enjoy going on the road with VR so much.

It also gives us the very useful opportunity to live test games or applications that we are working on, and so we observe user feedback very carefully, and refine accordingly...

So thanks to all we met, and looking forward to picking up on some of the most interesting ideas with you soon.